Machine assembly is our specialty

You’re adding a new machine to your machinery? For this purpose, existing ones have to be dismantled and relocated to another place?
You sold a machine and it has to be dismantled, transported to the new owner and reassembled there? Maybe you have to store used machinery temporarily?


Dismantling and Reassembling of installations and machines

Our experienced transport and assembling teams dismantle our machines and reassemble and install them in their new place for immediate use – that’s what we’re most proficient at.

We offer all services in a modular system, all in one company. And in case it gets tricky, we always find a solution.


All-round service for machine assembling:
  • Project planning
  • Professional dismantling and reassembling
  • Cleaning
  • Loading of machinery
  • Safe transport
  • Reassembling and installation of machinery
  • Experienced mechanics
Contact us: 
Gerd Grimm
Gerd Grimm
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Siegfried Spieler
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Herbert Riegler
Herbert Riegler
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