We provide you with breathing space

You’d like to convert your office building and have to store your furniture in the meantime? You’re planning to store your furniture and flexibly access it? You need space and have none?
No problem, in our guarded depots we offer storage room on over 2000 square meters in modern, breathable wooden boxes.



Short and long-term storage: safe, dry, secured.

You may store your furniture or files temporarily or as long as necessary. Closed, clean, guarded and tempered in one of our depots. Everything remains in its initial state and, upon consultation, you can access your stored goods any time.
It goes without saying that we store larger quantities or items of exceptional size. If your undertaking is more extensive, a relocation advisor can assist you with planning and supervising all stages of disassembling, packing, loading, transport, putting into and, finally, taking out of storage.  


Our services concerning your furniture storage:
  • Long-term storage
  • Short-term storage
  • Safe and dry depot
  • Storage in breathable wooden boxes
  • Loading and unloading on site without repacking
  • Intermediate access any time after consultation
  • Lockable and guarded depot
  • Monthly deduction of storage rent
Contact us: 
Rocco Grasso
Rocco Grasso
06221 7876 21
rocco.grasso [at] fels-heidelberg.de
Gert Scheuermann
Gert Scheuermann
06221 7876 96
gert.scheuermann [at] fels-heidelberg.de