Your belongings in specialists’ hands

You’re planning a stay abroad or a longer business trip far away from home? There is a delay in the completion of your new house? You’re renovating and don’t know where to put the furniture for the time being? Or there is simply too little space in your home?
We offer the opportunity to store items, independent of short or long-term. Your belongings are kept safe until you need them again. We offer storage in wooden boxes, clean, dry and air-conditioned! You can rent these with a storage contract, similar to a rental contract, except for the much cheaper price.


Store your furniture safe and dry

We bring the wooden boxes to your place and load them on site. They are then transferred to our depot and wait clean, dry and guarded until you need them again.

What’s the best deal for you, short or long-term storage?

The storage time is flexible. You can store your belongings for a few days or for several years. And just in case you need to access your belongings now and then, not a problem at all – trust our specialists.
We’re very looking forward to advising you on the best solution for your individual needs.


Safely stored in our furniture depot:

  • Long-term storage
  • Short-term storage
  • Safe and dry depot
  • Storage in breathable wooden boxes
  • Loading and unloading on site without repacking


Contact us: 
Gert Scheuermann
Gert Scheuermann
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Rocco Grasso
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