Size and complexity are not an issue

Making machinery transports easy is our specialty. We take care of your corporate move from the beginning to the end, including disassembly, transportation as well as the reassembly of industrial equipment, heavy units, machines and complete storage facilities.

Our planning is precise and we use highly modern technology. Our employees are professionals in the field and will always find a solution for you, on time and straight to the point!

We offer:

  • Planning and consultation 
  • A trained transport and engineer crew
  • Dis- and reassembly 
  • Removal and positional of machines 
  • Packing and loading 
  • Cleaning 
  • Construction and building of customised transport and install devices 
  • Storage/ warehouse 
  • Various kinds of forklifts, gantries and special transport equipment
Contact us: 
Gerd Grimm
Gerd Grimm
06221 7876 17
gerd.grimm [at]