Best ratings by our happy clients

It is only the work of a well-coordinated and qualified team that can delight clients. Their praise and a low turnover of our staff demonstrate our competence and quality checks are generally above average. The ratings of our clients after the completion of their orders range among the top 10% in all aspects which we are proud of! 98% of all clients state that they would engage us again.

“What went well: everything! What did not go so well: nothing!”

This is the standard we give our best to live up to every day so that you can also be satisfied with our services.

Clients’ testimonials:

  • “All work is done in high quality”
  • “a friendly team”
  • “all goods were dealt with carefully”
  • “The whole team did a great job as much on the day of packing as on the moving day. I really appreciated the friendliness and diligence of everyone in the team. Thank you so much everyone!”
  • “we have always been delighted”
  • “It was simply all good, a perfect relocation.”
  • “Competent, quick, friendly men, helpful and trustworthy. And such an attentiveness! All went well. I also recommended the company many times and will go on doing so.”


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Gert Scheuermann
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Rocco Grasso
Rocco Grasso
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