Your relocation is important to us

You would like to move but lack the time to pack your belongings yourself? Not a problem at all. We offer a full-service package to relief you from any inconvenient task you would like to delegate. 

Moving – all inclusive

Our experienced movers pack all your boxes on demand, disassemble your furniture and pack your pictures and other belongings. In addition to establishing an area of restricted stopping and transporting your inventory to the destination, we unload the relocation goods and furnish your flat upon request. If required, we also unpack the moving boxes for you. You can relax while we take care of your relocation, true to the motto: don’t try, do it!
Excellent planning is essential and you decide which services you need and what you want to take care of by yourself.

Insured and Secured

We take great caution to keep your belongings safe. With our special, air sprung trucks, all relocation goods travel safely. Narrow staircases are not an issue as we can use our external hoist which ensures quick and secure transport. And if there should be too little space, you can still store your belongings with us. As a member of Heidelberger Handwerk we can help you find the best craftsmen, too.



All services concerning your relocation:
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