Move from office to office

Your staff is transferred to a different office? You’re restructuring? Only computers and personal items are to be taken along? Or are the servers and printers to be relocated as well?

Routine in computer relocations

We’re your competent partner for relocating IT-inventory. Professional EDP-relocation specialists transport your hardware in special computer boxes and reinstall everything in its place. Your staff can concentrate on their tasks while we take care of the rest.
Thanks to our experience, large printers or plotters are transported safely and quickly to your new premises. Due to our department for machine transports, we have both suitable equipment and specialized technicians for the relocation of large and delicate items.

Permanent support for relocations of all kinds

If you change your premises more often because of project work or restructuring, we can find a master agreement. This ensures day-to-day support from our side and when additional action should be required, we’re on scene, quickly and without complications.



Your work place relocation with Fels – this is what we offer:
  • Our specialists compose an exact schedule for the relocation
  • EDP and IT relocations
  • Computer boxes for separate transport of hardware
  • Colored Guide-system
  • Master agreements in order to support facility management
  • Machine transports
  • Administration and restructuring moves
  • On-site office relocation


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