Vehicle transfer in case of overseas relocation

You are making an overseas move with us and would like to take your car with you? We are your point of contact for the shipping of vehicles with containers also outside the EU. As part of your move, we will handle customs formalities.

Shipping of cars in an overseas container

In case of a move overseas, we also check whether container shipping or roll on/roll off shipping is possible.

Pick-up and drop-off service for your vehicle

We are happy to pick up your vehicle or bring it to your home.

Our services:

  • International vehicle transport in connection with overseas relocation
  • Loading on site if required
  • Container shipping of vehicles
  • Roll on / Roll Off Shipping of cars
  • Customs clearance


Contact us: 
Adrian Saul
Adrian Saul
+49 6221 7876 38
adrian.saul [at]
Gert Scheuermann
Gert Scheuermann
06221 7876 96
gert.scheuermann [at]