Printing machines require special transport

We transport your new machines from the factory directly into your pressroom, no matter whether it is on the first or fourth floor – we always find a solution. We have decades of experience with transports of machinery in the graphic arts industry.


You only need to load the machine, install your software and start printing

Fritz Feld Jr invented the idea of heated storage room on trucks which he filed for a patent. Today, our trucks still have special trailers with an integrated heating system that does not consume any storage room. The heating system can also operate while the truck stands. Problems of acclimatization and corresponding condensation are a matter of the past. Your machines are brought into their place immediately after transport, skipping days of waiting.
We know the issue: Quickness is required to keep business interruptions at a minimum.

Partners in the printing industry

And what is more, since we work closely with leading machine producers, we can dismantle your old machine completely and assemble the new one in its place.


Our services regarding printing machinery:
  • Transport and assembling of all types
  • Dismantling and reassembling by experienced mechanics
  • Special, heated trailers
  • Large stock of suitable pallets for used machines
  • Forklift and set-up devices
  • Storage of machinery


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