We take our social responsibility seriously

As a family business run by the fourth generation, we stand for reliability, punctuality and flexibility. Flat hierarchies ensure motivated employees who actively take responsibility. 

Happy employees – happy clients

The performance and commitment of our employees are the foundation of our sustained success. A low rate of staff turnover demonstrates our employees’ satisfaction and more than 20 years of employment in the company are not rare. Which is to your advantage as the commitment, experience and routine ensure smooth processes. We’re an attractive employer and team work is essential for us.

We live tolerance, openness and fairness

Our motivated employees are offered job security, perspectives and performance-related salaries. We live diversity, employ people from various religions and origins and stand in for a democratic and open-minded world.

We engage in public social life

We know what responsibility means and participate in social, sports and sustainability projects. In addition, we are members of several organizations and always in contact with others in order to work on ourselves constantly.


This is what makes Fritz Fels unique:


  • Flat hierarchies
  • Employees are our capital
  • Compatibility of family and work
  • Integration
  • Openness, fairness and tolerance
  • Social responsibility
  • Sustainable business
Contact us: 
Nadine Beck - Fritz Fels GmbH
Nadine Beck
+49 6221 787626
nadine.beck [at] fels-heidelberg.de
Firmenhund Holly

Unsere Firmenhündin Holly ist für das Stressmanagement verantwortlich. Die Boxerhündin strahlt Ruhe und Gelassenheit aus.

Beim stressigen Firmenalltag ist das manchmal eine willkommene Abwechslung.