Sturdy moving boxes make up for half the battle

Uniformity and high loadability are only two of the many advantages moving boxes from professional moving companies have in contrast to those found in property markets. If required, we bring the necessary packing material free of charge and prior to the day of the relocation to your place. After you unpacked without any hast, we pick up the packing materials at your new place. Or you decide for our packing service and our experts take care of everything – it’s all up to your preference.


To really move means to correctly pack

For any item in question, furniture, dishes, pictures or electronic devices, good packing prevents damage. For a closet with hanging clothes, for example, we can bring our clothes boxes. Before our specialists disassemble your closet, your clothes can be put into the clothes boxes hanging instead of folding every item. After reassembling your closet in the new home, the clothes can simply be hung back which safes a lot of time.

Let the moving specialists do their magic

On the moving day, our staff will bring additional packing material such as packing covers, lashing straps, sticky tape and foil as well as trolleys and carrying straps. This ensures quick and smooth processes which are the standard with the help of our furniture vans. If necessary, we make use of our external lift.


High-quality moving material for the perfect move:
  • Moving boxes (sturdy and stackable)
  • Clothing cartons
  • Bubble wrap
  • Mattress boxes
  • Transport aids such as trolleys
  • External lift

Equipment for moving an office:

  • Computer boxes
  • Lockable safety cabinet
  • Guide-system for moves
  • File trolleys (lockable if needed)


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